I’m writing a blog for about 2 months. It’s quite a short period of time. But, some bloggers stop after creating 2-3 blogposts. Some even stop before writing the first post – they searching for a perfect engine, perfect template, perfect everything. But they forget that blog isn’t about engine, template, but a blog is a content.

When I’ve started thinking about writing the blog first though was “WordPress? Nah, I want to write my own blog engine, maybe PHP7 and Symfony3?”. Oh my 😉

Thankfully it comes to me that the most important thing is just starting to write. You can change the engine, you can change the template. But it’s pointless unless you have content.

I want to share my experiences as a newbie blogger. I’ll describe my thoughts and choices. Maybe some of them will be useful to you.

For me, it’ll be my diary. Description of my way, whatever that way will be.

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