Test values matters.

Recently there was a bug I introduced that could be easily avoided if not poorly designed test values.

It was a pretty big refactor or core functionality. Scary, so I grabbed some people and did testing on my local environment, just to be sure everything works. I seemed so, great success!

Not exactly.

The case was with intro messages. But lets describe some background: the app is for managing calls in medical facility. Facility can be open, or after hours. It makes sense to have different intro messages for each case.

And here goes my poorly chosen test messages. I wanted to be funny so the messages were just a random garbage. I introduced the bug in which I played wrong intro in case facility was after hours which was confusing to real people. It would be easily spotted if my test intros was like the real one and you could hear that the wrong one was played.

Not that funny, but it could be just and indicator what the intro is at the beginning, and then you could add your funny stuff. You’re funny and professional at the same time!

The same is when you test a message, an email, anything that could go to production. It’s always better to set the test message so it’s obvious it’s a test and not put there an inappropriate joke because you’re funny. Mistakes happen, you could send this test message to real people because some random bug elsewhere.