Hello there!

My name is Krzych Jonczyk. I live in Warsaw, Poland for over 30 years.

I work as PHP programmer and sometimes Team Leader and/or Scrum Master. My current job is Docplanner, but I also worked for SHOWROOM, Kiwi Jobs and GoldenLine.

Great fan of self-development. I like books of any kind, fantasy, productivity, self-development, biographies. Similar to movies. I watch them several times to really get the essence of the story. I also love any sort of DIY stuff including woodwork or bread baking. Huge music fan listening mostly to any kind of rock, metal, and electronic music, but also some rap, techno, and classic – because why not. If you’re fancy – here’s my last.fm

I’m interested in programming since I was 14 when I have my first attempts with C and C++. In high school, I’ve decided to go further and become a professional programmer.
For now, I program in PHP, be a Scrum master and a team leader. This is why I call myself Agile Software Developer. I like simple solutions, clean code, and experimenting.

Speaker wannabe, with a little experience

– local meetup talk about Pomodoro Technique
– local meetup talk about Getting Things Done
– workshops about Symfony basics (with my friend, Dominik)
– talk about pair programming in Boiling Frogs conference
talk about pair programming as a guest in Pierwsze kroki w IT podcast
– many internal presentations in my work, including 4 series of productivity workshops
Yeah, as you can see I’m pretty freak about agile and productivity.

I’m writing this blog to share my knowledge, experiments’ results and anything I consider useful. I like writing about PHP but also about some general tips e.g. Git or productivity.

For those speaking Polish I created two online courses about PHP, maybe you’ll be interested 🙂

Średniozaawansowany PHP
Podstawy Symfony

You can find me on many social networks, I’ll be more than happy to say hello to you!