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First tests in Python! #GetNoticed2017


I’ve reorganized Photochooser a lot, changing names and directories. Also wrote my first test in Python, ugly one but still. The code is here.

Motivational kick

A couple days ago my project was mentioned (it’s in Polish) by one of the contestants of GetNoticed competition. And it was a very strong motivational kick! Until then I was writing Photochooser just for myself, didn’t bother if anyone like it or not. But now, when I know someone looked at my project and found it potentially useful? It changes everything ? I really want to do it right, write useful application, pretty and tested code.

Thank you, Konrad!
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Photochooser – one step back #GetNoticed2017

I wanted to describe and show here some mockups of applications, but… I won’t ? I’ve started to setting up the environment, then creating a release for old application, then checking if everything is properly set up, then… just write some code. And continue reading Python 101 book. It’s very basic, but it has already give me some ideas, so it’s worth reading.


I’ve set up the environment using Python 3.5.3 and PyQt 5.8.0 and wrote some code for displaying image from selected directory.


I’m using Python in version 3.5.3 and PyQt5 in version 5.8.0.
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Photochooser – the starting point #GetNoticed2017

As I wrote in the previous post, I’ll continue writing an application for managing photos. What is the starting point then?

Local environment

There is none. I’m using OS X and I have only preinstalled Python in version 2.7.


1. prepare env with Python 3 and PyQT (4 or 5)
2. prepare `requirements.txt` with required modules and libraries
3. use virtual env for simplicity and usability


Photochooser was my first attempt to Python application, so the code is very messy. It has no single test written. You can see it on GitHub, but there is nothing to boast 😉


1. learn Python a little bit (I’m reading Python 101 by Michael Driscoll)
2. …
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