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I’m podcast addicted. I listen to them a couple of hours every week, mostly during the tram ride to work.

It’s hard to tell how much it gives me and how much I learned, but I let the numbers speak for themselves (today is 20th October 2017 for the record, so it’s 549 days).

To learn more see my previous post about Podcasts.


Another contribution to Symfony merged! \o/

My Pull Request has been accepted by Symfony docs guy and will be merged soon. This is a minor change, but I think it’s a good idea to improve anything we see that can be improved.

This particular change was created because I’ve seen at least 3 programmers getting parameters in service not from injection but from the container. Hope it helps them to understand how to use parameters in a good way 🙂

PR can be seen here:

Feels good 😎

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