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Month: June 2016

PHPyths Buster

On the Daj się poznać contest were many .net and java developers. In fact, there were almost 95% of the final gala attendee.

What I’ve observed is that they all (or almost all) hate PHP 😉 And I’ve started to think about it. Why? Why PHP always activates such emotions?

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Daj Się Poznać 2016 – summary

It’s time to summarize Daj Się Poznać competition. That was a great event that was literally the starting point for creating this blog.

Let’s start with some numbers:
– 296 participants
– 70 finalists (including me!)
– 1 gala
– 18 presentations (15 of them was from contestants!)
– 1 afterparty 😉

The rules

12 weeks, one open source project and 20 blog posts about the project. That was mandatory to qualify for final…

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Initial post


Welcome to my personal blog. I’m glad you found me 😉

In couple words, I want to tell you why this blog was created. Some of reasons are mentioned in about section, so don’t forget to go there.

As every initiatives this one has to have its beginning. This ones was Daj Się Poznać 2016 competition which has two main purposes…

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