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Month: June 2016

PHPyths Buster

On the Daj się poznać contest were many .net and java developers. In fact, there were almost 95% of the final gala attendee.

What I’ve observed is that they all (or almost all) hate PHP 😉 And I’ve started to think about it. Why? Why PHP always activates such emotions?

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Daj Się Poznać 2016 – summary

It’s time to summarize Daj Się Poznać competition. That was a great event that was literally the starting point for creating this blog.

Let’s start with some numbers:
– 296 participants
– 70 finalists (including me!)
– 1 gala
– 18 presentations (15 of them was from contestants!)
– 1 afterparty 😉

The rules

12 weeks, one open source project and 20 blog posts about the project. That was mandatory to qualify for final…

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