I have a little tip for you today.

Did you know, that you can use emoji in the note’s title?


I’m using Evernote for managing every task and project I have. My friend shows me a great way to mark notes he plans to do today – the `today` tag. I mark every task for today with this tag.

But what if I want to prioritize things? Not every task is important and I maybe could do it another day. From the other hand, there is a super important task that must be done today. Evernote doesn’t allow custom ordering…

And there comes emoji! If any task is important it receives ?. Now, I can find important tasks very quickly, and there is no chance that anything will be omitted 🙂


I’m using emoji more and more. Recently for graphically marking notes on the list with appropriate icon.

If you want to add emoji and you’re a Mac user, just press `ctrl` + `cmd` + `space`. The popup window with emojis should appear. In other operating systems, you must find it yourself 😉

Try it, using Evernote will never be the same again ?

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