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Month: July 2016

PHPyths Buster: The Project

As promised I’m starting with a real project to proof that PHP may be what you want to build a web application 😉


I want to show you complete way to build the functional application. I’ll go from setting up the environment, through installing the framework and required libraries, to deploying to the server.


I’ll use Docker with Nginx, MySQL, and PHP7 – I want you to make a minimal effort to start the project. In addition, you won’t need to install something on your computer (well, except Docker itself) and your computer will be clean as always. You could also do the examples yourself and easy experiment with the code in the same environment. If something will break you could always let me know and we’ll fix it together 🙂
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PHPyths Buster: Deployment

Let’s talk about deployment.

The past

Several years ago when I wanted to deploy an application I did it using FTP. Filezilla was the best friend. When some feature was ready I connected with the server, copy files into proper locations and it was it. The application simply used new files from the next request.

Easy? Not at all. It was annoying to connect the server, find directories and copy new files. It was very easy to make a mistake and copy file into the wrong directory.

And it was in times when I don’t even know that version control systems exist! That means that I have the newest version of edited files on my computer and on the server only. When I worked on a project alone it was “only” risky. But I remember one project on which I worked with 2 other people in the same time. You know what it means, don’t you? 😉
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PHPyths Buster: A few words about importing classes

Thanks to this series I’ve made a time travel. Travel to my first experiences in PHP, which were my companion for about two and a half years.

Old, custom framework times

I remember when I was creating a web application in our own framework. It was barely object oriented, had a couple of files with over 5k lines and used pure MySQL queries to retrieve data. Classic 😉

In those times if you wanted to use some external library or even your own class – you used `include` or `require` to attach it to the current file. I did it that way for a long time. And that was a nightmare.
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PHPyths Buster: PHP is ugly as s**t

PHP is easy to start with. The web page is the easiest and fastest way to see progress. And that’s why PHP is often chosen as the first programming language. In fact thanks to PHP I’ve started to work, but it’s another story 😉

The beginning

Many newbie programmers started with something like that:

$name = $_GET["name"];
if ($name == "") {
    $name = "Stranger";

  <h1>hello <?php echo $name; ?></h1>

It’s fully functional web page! And It’s all right to start like this, but it’s very wrong to continue coding like this. Mixing HTML and PHP is just wrong (ok, PHP might be used as a template engine and I will cover that later). I think that many people call themselves “PHP programmers” after that and it’s probable source of the shortest joke in the (programming) world – PHP programmer 😉

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