Each day has 24 hours. Every one of us has 24 hours. There is nothing we can do about it.

Or is it? 🙂

I’m sure you have some “wasted” time every day. For me, that wasted time is going by bus to my work. It takes me about 45 to 50 minutes one way. Reading a book was not always possible, listening to music was not exactly developing.

For you, wasted time may mean cleaning up the apartment or working out. It’s any situation you do something automatically and your brain is bored 😉

What if you can use this time for something more, something developing? I do. I’m listening to podcasts.

I’m naming them as “audio blog posts”. It’s like the author reads you her/his text. There are often very interesting interviews, for example with David Allen as well! By listening to podcasts I learned about Pat Flynn (now I’m listening to his podcasts too), Tim Ferriss and much more great people.

I’m listening to 2 episodes nearly each workday. That’s about 1.5 hours a day. And because I’m listening while I’m going to my work, this time is double used:
1. I reached my destination
2. I learned something new

Here are my current stats:

If you’re not yet convinced, listen to this:
I had an appointment at the dentist. One way ride was about 50 minutes. The whole visit took me about… 3 minutes! That’s 100 minutes ride versus 3 minutes control.
And you know what? I was really happy I had another chance to learn something by listening to podcasts. You may call me crazy but think about it. I could listen to music and get nothing or listen to podcasts and gain a little more knowledge. For me, the choice is obvious.

I’m listening mainly to Polish podcasts, but I have two in English I can recommend you:
– Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income
– Eric Molinsky: Imaginary Worlds

Listening to English podcasts is even more developing for me because I’m not a native speaker (as you could conclude from my writing skills :-P) and every chance to improve my English skills is important.

If you know Polish, here are some great authors:
– Michał Szafrański: Więcej niż oszczędzanie pieniędzy
– Mariusz Chrapko: Manager Plus
– Maciej Aniserowicz: DevTalk

If you’re listening to podcasts already, let me know which one you like! I’ll be happy to extend my subscription list 🙂

Want more?