It was a while since the last post. At first, I had no idea what to write about. My post about string performance comparison was quite a success, so everything seems to go pretty well.

But from about one and a half months I simply… don’t code at all! It’s because we have significant changes in our company. Teams started to be interdisciplinary, that means to developers joined marketing, analysis, communication guys. And I was responsible for helping people understand the change. In fact, I was true, full-time Scrum Master.

It was (and because it’s in progress, is) a hard time. I was wondering what Scrum Master do all the time. Now I know – meeting, meetings and yes, meetings 😉 So I had to put aside coding and focus my all efforts on Agile transformation. I have even done some Lego workshops to show teams how to work in Agile 😉 That was fun, but also very exhausting.

It’s excellent for me, though. Now I know how the transformation looks, what are the challenges and obstacles. I had to work with one team without any developer, so it was even more enlightening. And I had the opportunity to talk with people which I barely know. But first of all, I learned one important thing – I want to code!

Today I had first time when I could code for several hours, and it was so good. Even if the code isn’t perfect, it was nice to solve that kind of problems in place of people ones. Thankfully things started to going well, team members works together for several weeks, and hopefully, I could come back to programming soon. And write something new about PHP 😉

Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂