Here it comes again – the awesome programming contest Daj Się Poznać (some people use the English name: Get Noticed), created by Maciej Aniserowicz. I participated last year creating a very simple game with Python and PyQT – you can find the whole process of creating the game here (it’s in Polish, though).

In fact, this blog was created as a result of that contest. Some people convinced me that writing blog in English is a better idea and gives me more opportunity to share knowledge. They were right 🙂 This post, for example, has almost 4k views and 50 upvotes on Reddit! Crazy.

This time…

Ok, I won’t be original – this year I want to use Python and PyQT again. Not for a game – Unity3d is a better choice – but for a desktop application. Application for managing photos. You always have millions of photos every year. Do you view them? I don’t. Ok, from time to time, but very rarely. But I like to view my wedding photo album – several dozens of the best shots. Millions of photos with dozens of duplicates and crappy ones or a couple of the best shots?

If only exists some application for simple managing photos…


Yeah, I wrote one last year. In Python and PyQT. It was, in fact, my first attempt to Python since college. And It is quite useful, it deletes useless photos and can choose the best ones – for example for printing. You can find it on GitHub.

So, why I want to write it again? There are some reasons. The code is bad. There is no single unit test. The UI is poor. Everything is very… academic 😉 In fact, it’s not fun to use and I, the creator, used it maybe once ;P

Fresh start

So this time I want to rewrite my old application the right way. Better code, tests, cool UI and maybe some duplicates finding or face recognition? The sky (and time) is the limit!

Now I started from reading Python 101 book by Michael Driscoll. I return to the basics. And after gaining the foundations I’ll start to write beautiful, clean Python code 😉

Expect about two new posts referring to the contest every week. This is one of the requirements, but I’ll use it also to motivate myself 😉

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