getting out of the comfort zone
I like Fallout video games series. Well, the old ones – the last one I played was Fallout Tactics. But let’s focus on Fallout 2.

The game starts in a temple, and you are the Chosen One. Well, maybe. You have several challenges to overcome: giant ants, scorpions and, of course, the final guardian. If you fail, you will die.

But it’s a video game, of course, you survive and you defeat the guard. Then you will get harder and harder works to do, with the ultimate goal – finding GECK, Garden of Eden Creation Kit, a very powerful device capable of repairing the earth after a nuclear holocaust.

You talk to every stranger, help them with any task. You gain experience fast and earn better and better guns and armors. Your experience grows rapidly and you are constantly gaining new skills. And at the end, you so strong you defeat the final boss with no problem. Your people are safe, the world is a better place.

But imagine what will the game look like, when you’ll behave like in real world? “Sorry stranger, can you help me?” – some old guy asks. Ignore him, why should you waste your precious time. Scary looking guy stands by the bar? Better not mess with him and drink a beer. Some work to do? Maybe tomorrow, I don’t have motivation for that today. You have better things to do – watching tv or spending time on postnuclear facebook.

This kind of game would be very boring, doesn’t it? You want to rescue the world, kill bad guys, bring peace to your village. But your character would rather sit in his basement playing nuclear Farmville and procrastinating all the time.

Would you rather play the game where you’ll be doing exciting things or some in which your character will sit down and do nothing all the time? Yeah, me too.

Think about it and look at your life. Are you doing exciting things every day? Are you learning new stuff, meeting new people and discovering the world you live in? Or are you sitting in front of tv or computer and waste your time?

Get out of your comfort zone, talk to people, show up and don’t allow your village to die 😉

This is my first attempt to storytelling. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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