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PHPyths Buster


On the Daj się poznać contest were many .net and java developers. In fact, there were almost 95% of the final gala attendee.

What I’ve observed is that they all (or almost all) hate PHP 😉 And I’ve started to think about it. Why? Why PHP always activates such emotions?

I’ve never seen something like this site about any other language! Ok there is this hilarious talk about javascript, but it’s not that bad 😉

I’m PHP developer for over 5 years. During this time I’ve moved from PHP is satan work to PHP is really cool language!. It appears that PHP isn’t just strange functions naming (`gettype` but `get_class`) but it’s really mature language with a huge community and dozens of useful tools.

And that’s why I’m creating PHPyths Buster series. I want to tell everyone why PHP is pretty cool and why it’s not a shame to be PHP developer.

If you have friends that hate PHP (or maybe you are? :v) then tell them about my blog and wait for more! You’ll be surprised 😉

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  1. Peter

    I think it’s not about the language itself, but developers.
    The language is easy to get started, so a lot of people learn basics and stop there.
    I just hate random functions being called in HTML code, creating huge files, etc.
    If you’re working on Phalcon (or any other framework) it can be great.

    • krzych

      Thanks for comment Peter!
      I agree, from some point of experience, it doesn’t matter which language do you use. Unfortunately PHP has a very bad opinion, so I think this series would help young PHP programmers write better code and non-PHP programmers see that PHP is like any other language. There is not bad language, it is only bad developer 😉

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