Welcome to my personal blog. I’m glad you found me 😉

In couple words, I want to tell you why this blog was created. Some of reasons are mentioned in about section, so don’t forget to go there.

As every initiative this one has to have its beginning. This ones was Daj Się Poznać 2016 competition which has two main purposes:
1. creating any open source project for 12 weeks
2. creating blog and writing 20 posts about project during these 12 weeks

This competition was created by Maciej Aniserowicz, really great guy and great figure in polish blogosphere. With this initiative, he wanted to increase the number of technical blogs written by Poles. In the final of the competition, there were 70 blogs with 20 (or more!) posts about projects! Some of them were brand new, others were written from some time, but nevertheless many great people started to share their knowledge with others.

I was in this 70 people group. Where are my posts? Where is my project? Originally I’ve created a simple blog using GithubPages. You can find it here: zelazowy.github.io. It was created only for this competition and I didn’t expect that I’m gonna continue writing after competition ends.

But it was so much fun and during final, I’ve met so many inspiring people that I have to rethink my attitude.

So this is the result of that change – my brand new blog (in English this time!). I hope you’ll enjoy it and find some cool content in here. If not – let me know! Every feedback is precious and the constructive one is priceless. So don’t hesitate to use the comment section of any post to share your comments.

What’s next?
I wan to summarize final celebration of Daj Się Poznać competition and describe my experiences especially as one of presenters 😉

Stay tuned.