From some time on I was thinking about some completely different format of posts, the short one. I even had a name for it – `shorties`. I have pretty many thoughts on my mind that I’d like to share with you, but they’re too short to make it a proper post. So the idea died.

Until now.

Yesterday I was searching for a new theme for my blog. The old one wasn’t bad at all, I think I just needed a change, that’s it. Searching took me some time and I found a couple of really neat themes. I liked the current one the best, so it’s here. I think the header image needs some improvements, maybe I’ll take a photo by myself, but nevertheless, it looks fantastic. And it appears it has a little option I needed…

Today I was editing my posts so the gap between title and post image wasn’t so big, and I saw something new. A post format.
post format

I tested Aside and Quote and that was something I wanted to do the shorties! Just look at it.
shorties post format

I like it very much, so you may expect a new, short format of posts on my blog. I’m looking forward to giving it a chance.